The Cast

The Organizers

Marisol Miller Wave is the ShakeSBeer co-Theater Director. She was born and raised in Santa Barbara and has worked professionally worldwide both onstage and backstage in theater, opera, and film.

Pacomio Sun is the ShakeSBeer co-Theater Director. He is a true Santa Barbara native and a Chumash actor with a love for Shakespeare.

Zachary Rosen, Cert. CiceroneĀ®, is the ShakeSBeer Creative Director and an artist-in-residence at SBCAST. He is a beer writer, educator, and event curator based in Santa Barbara specializing in abstract beer pairings.

The Cast

Please stay tuned for the full cast and character list!

Featuring Music By

Adam Philips

Whistles, Octave Mandolin, Bagpipes, Guitar, Mandocello

Laurie Rasmussen

Harp, Nyckelharpa, Accordian

Ian Martyn

Mandolin, Bodhran, Guitar

Aerial Dance by

Elevated Dreams

Dance Choreographed by
Katelyn Carano

Character Body Painting By

Zami Marx